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Healing - Topical (Gels, Oils, Creams, Lotions)

Need a Gel for:  Clogged Sinuses,   Varicose Veins,  Sporting Strains or Bruising, Arthritis, First aid for minor wounds, hot tired legs?

If you don't see what you need below, as a manufacturing Medical Herbalist, I am happy to make you up a gel/ointment/lotion or cream to your meet your needs (click on custom gel).  Our most popular formulations are:-

Hopbush Arnica & Comfrey Gel for pain, strain, heat and bruising
Cool Blue Gel  for a refeshing, cooling affect on the legs after a hard workout
Invigorate (Arthritis) Gel for cold, creaky, painful joints
Customised Gel prepared to your specifications
Manuka Honey First Aid Gel a great "First Aid" gel for cuts, scrapes and minor wounds.
  •  Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 500g
    $66.00 Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 500g
    Hopbush, Arnica & Comfrey Gel This is a great gel to keep on hand for all kinds of  closed skin trauma such as strains, sprains and bruising.  Hop Bush is an native aboriginal herb used for rheumatism,...
  • 60mL Sarcoid Support Ointment
    $98.00 60mL Sarcoid Support Ointment
    *** Sarcoid Support Ointment *** NEW in ointment base for better "stickability".  Over time, may assist with the reduction in size of sarcoids.  Apply daily, wash hands throughly after use.  For best results...
  • Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 1.25kg
    $124.00 Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 1.25kg
    Hopbush, Arnica & Comfrey Gel Used by massage therapists for minor muscular strains and bruising. Not for broken skin. Gently massage twice daily. External use only, avoid eyes, mouth & nose regions. If...
  • Mane & Tail Oil (dry, flaky, irritated skin) - 250mL
    $32.50 Mane & Tail Oil (dry, flaky, irritated skin) - 250mL
    A soothing blend of Chamomile Flowers, Chickweed and other anti-itch / healing skin herbs infused in Olive, Neem and Sesame oils. Used twice daily on dry, irritated skin. ...