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Healing - Topical (Gels, Oils, Creams, Lotions)

Need a Gel for:  Clogged Sinuses,   Varicose Veins,  Sporting Strains or Bruising, Arthritis, First aid for minor wounds, hot tired legs?

If you don't see what you need below, as a manufacturing Medical Herbalist, I am happy to make you up a gel/ointment/lotion or cream to your meet your needs (click on custom gel).  Our most popular formulations are:-

Hopbush Arnica & Comfrey Gel for pain, strain, heat and bruising
Cool Blue Gel  for a refeshing, cooling affect on the legs after a hard workout
Invigorate (Arthritis) Gel for cold, creaky, painful joints
Customised Gel prepared to your specifications
Manuka Honey First Aid Gel a great "First Aid" gel for cuts, scrapes and minor wounds.
  •  Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 500g
    $66.00 Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 500g
    Hopbush, Arnica & Comfrey Gel This is a great gel to keep on hand for all kinds of  closed skin trauma such as strains, sprains and bruising.  Hop Bush is an native aboriginal herb used for rheumatism,...
  • 500g -  Manuka Honey Graze Gel
    $78.00 500g - Manuka Honey Graze Gel
    Manuka Honey, Rosemary and Aloe Gel (and other proprietary healing ingredients)   Clinical evidence shows Manuka Honey to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. Use on scrapes and minor abrasions...
  • 60mL Sarcoid Support Ointment
    $98.00 60mL Sarcoid Support Ointment
    *** Sarcoid Support Ointment *** NEW in ointment base for better "stickability".  Over time, may assist with the reduction in size of sarcoids.  Apply daily, wash hands throughly after use.  For best results...
  • Custom Formulated Gel - 500g
    $89.00 Custom Formulated Gel - 500g
    Formulated for your specific needs by a qualified (manufacturing) Medical Herbalist. Please state your requirements during checkout...
  • Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 1.25kg
    $124.00 Hop Bush Arnica & Comfrey Gel - 1.25kg
    Hopbush, Arnica & Comfrey Gel Used by massage therapists for minor muscular strains and bruising. Not for broken skin. Gently massage twice daily. External use only, avoid eyes, mouth & nose regions. If...
  • Mane & Tail Oil (dry, flaky, irritated skin) - 250mL
    $32.50 Mane & Tail Oil (dry, flaky, irritated skin) - 250mL
    A soothing blend of Chamomile Flowers, Chickweed and other anti-itch / healing skin herbs infused in Olive, Neem and Sesame oils. Used twice daily on dry, irritated skin. ...