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About Herbal Medicine

A Brief History of Herbal Medicine

Did you know?  Many modern drugs (such as aspirin) are of herbal origin.  It is widely believed that up to one quarter of our prescription medications have at least one ingredient derived from plant origins. 


Herbal medicine has been uncovered in Neanderthal burial chambers dating back thousands of years.  Early humans and animals understood the importance of how health and injury would impact upon their survival.  Instinctively, they would self-medicate with plants, animal parts and minerals found in their natural surroundings. 


Fast forward 60,000 (or so) years, we find that every nation has it’s own sophisticated system of medicine, derived from the natural world around them. With the advent of our industrial society, we have begun to rely heavily on synthetically created medications and chemicals whilst observing their detrimental impact on our natural environment. Herbal Medicine provides a natural alternative that complements modern medical practices and in doing so, returns us to a more balanced way of living naturally of course!