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About Us

 Welcome to The Naturalcare Company

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of  cure”                                              - anon.

Years ago, Ginger, my beloved horse, was involved in a freak paddock accident which left him with a gaping puncture wound in his belly.  The vet’s prognosis for my horse’s survival was grim. I then decided to try herbal therapies and the results were amazing.  Ginger continues to be fit, well and happily kicking up his heel in the paddock at the age of 27!

Since then, The Naturalcare Company has had many heart warming successes just like my very own testimonials.   We pride ourselves on balancing natural methods of healing, with our modern and often frantic lifestyle.

Our vision is to provide a comprehensive natural health care service, aimed at educating owners and trainers on the benefits of herbal medicine and its complementary role. We support the network of veterinarians, farriers, body work therapies, dentists and others, and aim to provide the very best of care for each client’s individual needs.

As Fully Qualified Medical Herbalist,  a full, professional  member of the National Herbalist Association of Australia, Iridologist, Bach Flower and Kinesiology practitioner, I look forward to helping you, your horse and dog to a greater sense of heath and wellbeing.

….. naturally, of course

Warmest regards,

Linda Vojkovic