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Customised /Individualised Herbal Tonic - 1.1ltrs


Product Description

Each client is treated as an individual with their specific needs in mind. All liquid herbs products/formulations are of potent quality and human grade by a qualified Medical Herbalist. Herbal Medicine is know to assist in many cases of:- 

*Nerves & Anxiety  *Allergic Rhinitis/Sinusitis   *Natural Anti-Inflammatory (Naturalcare NoBute)  *Arthritis & Rheumatism  *Kidney,  *Liver   *Heart   *Lung/Respiratory/Allergy    *Skin allergy   *Mare & Stallion   *Fertility Support   *Swollen Sheath   *Moody/Moody  *hormonal imbalance  *Cushing Support   *Boosting Immunity   *Eye Bath/Cataract & Infection support   *Endurance, Energy and Training tonics    *Mud Fever/Rain Scald    *Queensland/Sweet Itch    *Cancer, Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy support     *Bladder/Kidney Stones & Incontinence.(and many more).

Please Note: Herbal medicines are As herbal products may be swabbable. Check with the ruling body of your chosen sport to ensure
that ingredients do not contravene their regulations.

  As Medical Herbalsits do not diagnose nor are they licenced to be the primary treatment provider for serious medical conditons.  We do not replace medical advice or make attempts to diagnose an individual's medical condition.  Herbal Medicine is an effective adjunct therapy, but should not be confused, nor replaced by the services of, a trained Medical Practitioner, Veterinary Surgeon or Health Professional.  Whilst it is recommended to use this service and the preparations offered, it is strongly advised that your follow the advice and recommendations of your regular medical health provider  and do not cease giving any medications prescribed by them. It is important to disclose to myself and your regular medical health provider of any preparations/ treatment or health matters and medical history that may be of relevance.

Clients are deemed to have used these preparations according to the advice given and at their own discretion. 


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